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Lumbini Lines

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The Lumbini is for the wise straight shooter and those who appreciate the calmness that horizontal lines bring. Striations are one of mother nature's key composition. They are the telltale signs of maturity whether through the layers of rock in a mountain or rings in a tree. It's no wonder why we are automatically drawn to repetitive lines in our daily lives.

Did you know?
Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, a sheltered prince who decided to seek enlightenment after
his first sightings of old age, sickness and suffering. He left his luxurious palace life and family to pursue a deeper understanding to life at the age of 29, and later became known as The Lord Buddha.

Our Sweaters

Our sweaters are handmade in Nepal with 100% wool exterior and an inner polar fleece lining for comfort. Remember handmade items are especially unique because each artisan will have a slightly different technique of weaving and no two sweaters are exactly the same.

The guidelines are what our weavers use to create different sizes. Please use the chart below to help you find your perfect fit:

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