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Kathmandu Patchwork

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Our Kathmandu Patchwork sweater is as bold as the city it has been named after. When you put a whole bunch of squares together, they become anything but square. Funny how that works.

Did you know?
Kathmandu is a bustling city in Nepal boasting up to 2.5 million people. The greater valley in which it is situated hosts a whopping seven UNESCO World Heritage sites consisting of durbar squares, temples and stupas - all of which were nearly completely destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Thank goodness for earthquake relief, restoration efforts and the goodwill of people, as these structures are still standing today.

Kathmandu is also modern, stylish city and a favourite for travellers with lots of trendy cafes and restaurants, boutiques and handicraft shops. You'll see people from all walks of life here, women in draping sarees to young men riding motorcycles covered in tattoos. And then a goat.

Our Sweaters

Our sweaters are handmade in Nepal with 100% wool exterior and an inner polar fleece lining for comfort. Remember handmade items are especially unique because each artisan will have a slightly different technique of weaving and no two sweaters are exactly the same.

The guidelines are what our weavers use to create different sizes. Please use the chart below to help you find your perfect fit:

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