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How to Care for Your Wool Products

How often should I wash my wool product?

Clothing starts to smell when we sweat in them because our sweat contains proteins that the natural bacteria on our skin will break down into acids.

These acids are what gives off these pungent smells. That's when we wash our clothes.

As we've learned from our why wool page, wool is a naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial material. Which is why wool is preferred product for travelers and outdoor junkies since wool tends to "last" longer without smelling.

Your woolen product should lasts a good amount of wears before it starts to smell.

How should I wash it?

There are 3 ways to wash your wool: handwash, machine wash or dryclean.

Here's what we think :

The best way to wash your wool is to handwash with gentle detergent like Woolite or baby and tender loving care, then remove excess water and dry flat (dry the sweater on a flat surface). Hang drying could cause your sweater to stretch.

The second best way
that is less time consuming to turn your wool sweater inside out and place in a laundry bag/pillowcase before you place it in the wash. Then run a gentle cycle with gentle detergent in COLD or LUKEWARM water. Then dry flat.

The most convenient (but most costly way) is to send your sweater to your experienced drycleaner who washes laundry for a living and they'll know what to do.

CAUTION: Never, NEVER, never put your woolen products it in the dryer. We've all seen that cartoon where clothes come out tiny version of it's former glory. It's because wool fibers contain more moisture than other fibers, and drying removes the moisture leaving it dehydrated.

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